Help With Child's Rare Disabling Syndrome.

"We ask for your help supporting Calvin and his family. Calvin’s treatments, research and therapies – are expensive. Please help to ensure that Calvin is able to receive the best treatment with the least amount of financial burden possible.”

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Next Fundraiser Coming Soon:
November 15, 2014 @ Breakshots in Oconomowoc

Come join us from 12-6pm! There will be raffle prizes, silent auctions, and great music, food, and drinks! Cover is a $5 donation and puts your name in the 50/50 raffle! (You can buy more than one ticket for this prize.)



    What are you raising money for?
  • Our Bills.

    Caring for Calvin will cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in medical supplies, doctor visits, living expenses, specialist testing, surgeries, and other expenses such as special equipment and schooling to help Calvin develop throughout his's permanent and there is no cure for him - Yet.



November 2013

baby born without eyes, rare genetic disorder


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