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  1. carol allison says:

    To Calvins mom and dad. If you have not checked into a program Katie Beckett you need to do that. It may help with some of your medical bills. You can get information from the Workforce Developemt Center, Income Maintaince Unit. I hope this might help you with some of it. Also SSDI for Calvin if eligible. A social worker should be able to help you with these things. God Bless all of you and may God 0be with you.

  2. Mark E Bronner says:

    We have a family foundation that may be able to donate some funds if you have an EIN number, (the number for non profit charities). Would you be able to send me that number? I’ve known Al since he videotaped our graduations at ULS in 1993. May God’s grace sustain you.

  3. Mike says:

    Hang in there everything will be ok.

  4. Vanessa Miller says:

    I am praying for you Calvin and wish you the best.
    The lord puts us through our own special test.
    He does not give us more than we can bare.
    Though life is not sometimes fair.

    My prayers are with you in your time of need
    Because I believe the Lord walks with you indeed.

  5. Tracy B. says:

    Have you checked into the possibility of your son being admitted into a waiver program? These are very beneficial in the state in which I live. And I will be praying for Calvin and the family. God bless you all!!!

  6. kay says:

    I hope he can receive a Cochlear Implant when he is old enough. This will help him hear. Is it known yet if his mind will be affected? I will be sending my strongest thoughts and prayers to little Calvin. I don’t know why the dad’s insurance will not pay for Calvin?

  7. I really enjoyed this blog post

  8. “Too all my faeboook friends,please read this!and please do whatever you can!

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