About Calvin

Calvin is now 7 Years Old.

He was born with a rare genetic defect called SOX2 Anopthalmia Syndrome.

This Syndrome has conditions which vary in condition and severity. For Calvin, according to Children’s Hospital Genetics Researchers, he is 1 of only 40 people in the world who have it to this extent.

He was born without eyes.
He is 100% deaf.
He requires a 24/7 connection to oxygen tanks to help him breathe.
He has a feeding tube in his stomach and can’t eat or drink by mouth.
He also has occasional seizures, so he needs special medication to help prevent new ones.

The doctors say there might be more wrong with him and that he needs to continue to have more testing done. In addition to the known issues, he might not ever be able to walk and comprehend things.

This continues to be scary for the family, but they won’t ever give up on doing whatever it takes to help him.

Calvin has two older sisters; Samantha (11) and Madeline (9).

Both girls love and care for their brother Calvin, and of course they wish they could do more to help him.

Before Calvin was born, Mom and Dad had a very good pregnancy, without issues or any warning signs of anything.

On April 6, 2012, Calvin Clark Brezgel was born!


Mom and Dad weren’t aware of any issues until a few hours after Calvin was born.

The Hospital’s pediatrician and nurses had concerns because Calvin never opened his eyes.

Then the news came in.

Calvin was born without eyes.

The family was completely in shock!

“Cal” (their “superman”) was taken in an ambulance to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and placed within the NICU for further testing and diagnosis.

He stayed there for 3 weeks, undergoing numerous tests performed by doctors, nurses, and other specialists to determine the extent of his condition.

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Through the help of the community and the grace of God, we hope to help raise money each year to help the family through their heavy financial struggle- an ongoing struggle with Calvin’s extensive care not being covered under Mom and Dad’s health plans.

Calvin will continue to have many Doctors, Nurses and Specialists in his life. He’ll also continue to require a plethora of medical supplies to aid in his comfort, health, and growth in life.

These expenses will cost the family over $100K each year, and they don’t even make close to that amount of money.

Please consider contributing. Even only a few dollars can make a difference!

♥ We thank all of you for the kind encouragement, prayers, and help you have given and/or are thinking of giving!

If you know others who might be able to help, please share this with them. We really appreciate all of your support and help!


Together, we can help Calvin and the family

Let’s help them save their home. Please consider contributing. Even only a few dollars can help make a difference! Any and all donations go through the Caring For Calvin GoFundMe Campaign and then go directly to the family.